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How to Vote by Mail

All registered voters in City of Westland can vote by mail, also called absentee voting. You can ask to get your ballot in the mail for the next election, or for all future elections.

Requesting a Ballot

You can request an absentee ballot for yourself, or have a family member request an absentee ballot for you. For the 2020 presidential primaries, you have until March 2 at 12 p.m. (noon) to turn in your application.

If you’re requesting an absentee ballot for yourself, please fill out an application.

Mail Us Your Ballot Application

Mail your completed application to:

County Name Elections Commission Office
Street Name Avenue
Suite 210
City in California, CA 95959

Complete and Send in Your Ballot

We’ll send you an absentee ballot in the mail with a return envelope. You have two options to return it for the Month DD, YYYY election:

  • Mail back the ballot by Month DD, YYYY.
  • Deliver it in person to the county election office by Month DD, YYYY or to any polling place on election day.